MTPL now has facilities to manufacture PP/HDPE Woven Sacks, Fabrics and FIBC of various specifications using good infrastructure.

We have two extruders. One is Kolshite and another is from J.P.Industries. Both are T Die type Extruders with hot owens and suitable number of cheese winders. Total extrusion capacity of both the extruders is approx. 450 MT.

We have suitable numbers of four/six/eight shuttle tubular looms to weave fabric from 30 Cms wide tubular to 210 Cms tubular. The fabric can be gussetted, slit open and coated (Coating width is limited to 190 Cms).

 We also have needle looms and make our own webbing/belt for the FIBCs.


We have two coating plant that can coat PP/HDPE maximum upto a width of 190 Cms. The coating machine opening and winding systems are being rennovated to permit coating of fabric on rolls.

We have one on line and two cut piece printing flexographic printing machines. The online printing machine can also perforate, gusset and cut the pieces of the fabric at the time of printing.

We have suitable equipments for making FIBC. The liners are being bought out from a very good source nearby. There are sufficient number of stitching machines, baling/palletising arrangement, etc. for making FIBC.





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