Global Presence

The company is known worldwide through a chain of agents and distributors. It regards setting this up as one of its biggest achievements.

Versatility as well as quality is part of the portfolio of Mittal Technopack (MTPL). For example, the company's big bags are suitable for bulk handling of commodities by virtue of their strength and sturdiness. Produced to international standards and tailor made to each and every customer's specification, the bags are flexible in construction and design. They are made in a variety of shapes, such as U-panel, tubular, coated with liners and they are suitable for every bag filling and emptying system. The company even helps by delivering big bags in special pallets and bales for ease of handling. And it helps again by manufacturing a range of woven fabrics which can be coated or uncoated to line the bags, and the ends can be styled with lift loop handles for easy lifting.

Our Global Buyers

Our bags are being used in all major user segments where bulk packaging is necessary. It provides ease of handling, more cargo per container than silos and low packaging costs, all adding up to manifold benefits for the user industry. Plus of course ease of identification because we can print the bags, using flexographic machines capable of printing accurately in up to four spot colours.

Throughout, quality is of paramount importance. All suppliers are aware of this. Many have been with the company for many years and have the same high standards. Staff too know that the company cannot compromise on those standards. A Quality Assurance Department provides stringent checks at different stages of production to ensure least wastage and best quality. Quality experts are supported by some of the most up to date test equipment, such as bag testing and UV testing machines. A measure of the importance placed on the work they do is that the department reports directly to the managing director.

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