New Manufacturing Unit

An Overview

In order to meet the growing demands in the Global FIBC market, Mittal Technopack Private Limited is coming up with a New State of the Art Manufacturing Facility near Kolkata, India. The new unit will be operational by end of 2018. This manufacturing facility will be marked by a high degree of automation and integration supported by cutting-edge Research &Development, process discipline and certifications.

  • Production Capacity: Once fully operational, the finished production capacity in the new unit will be 500 tonnes for FIBC and 500 tonnes for Woven Sacks per month.
  • Product Range: The new unit will specialize in manufacturing of High Quality Food Grade Bags, Ventilated Bags and Type C Bags in addition to the existing product range for FIBC. There will also be a Surplus production of Multifilament Yarn in our new unit.
  • New Certifications: In addition to the existing certifications, we will also be applying for the following certifications for our new unit to meet the various regulations and needs of the Global market.


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